Why Our Orlando Bottleless Water Dispensers Are On-Trend For 2023

If you’re considering upgrading your office’s water cooler, point-of-use systems like our Orlando bottleless water dispensers are gaining popularity and market share. Find out why below.

Set down that heavy water jug and look at these numbers. The market size for bottleless water coolers was valued at $1.6 billion in 2021 and is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 9.6% reaching an estimated $2.8 billion by 2027. What does this mean for you? It means that bottleless is gaining ground and if you want to stay on-trend for your workplace, you should take a look at our Orlando bottleless water dispensers. Here are more reasons to make the switch to bottleless.

Bottleless Is Healthier

We as consumers experienced a seismic shift in our attitudes toward wellness and health safety after going through a worldwide pandemic. The less contact our drinking containers have with anything other than our mouths, the better. Bottleless water dispensers have infrared sensors that are touch-free, helping us all do our part to limit the spread of germs.

Bottleless Is Cleaner

The water in those heavy jugs is filtered but it’s basically glorified tap water. Have you ever swapped jugs and had to go through one that just didn’t taste good? That will never happen with our Orlando bottleless water dispensers from Incredible Water Solutions. Once hooked into your water line, our systems send your water through a nine-stage filtration process that includes a reverse osmosis filter. This system ensures the cleanest, best-tasting water available. 

Bottleless Is Simple

Once you try one of our Orlando bottleless water dispensers, you’ll discover one of the big perks is that it is 100% hassle-free. No more jugs means no more lifting. Did you know that those things weigh over 40 pounds? Also, you’ll never have to deal with deliveries and making changes to a delivery schedule because your water needs change. With a bottleless system, you use what you need at your own pace and convenience.

Bottleless Is Eco-Friendly

Speaking of no deliveries, this means you’re reducing your carbon footprint by reducing the need for gas-guzzling delivery trucks. You’re also cutting down on the use of plastic because the dispenser ties directly into your water line. Going green is always on-trend!

Bottleless Is Versatile

Bottleless water coolers aren’t just for corporate offices. The types of businesses that can benefit from going bottleless are truly endless. While most of our current customers are corporate offices with bottleless systems in their break rooms and bullpens, anyone in any type of business can benefit from one (or more) of our units. Here are a few examples of offices and industries we’re reaching out to:

Hospitality – This commercial segment is projected to grow by a CAGR of 9.9% so keep an eye out for our Orlando bottleless water dispensers in hotels, restaurants, resorts, and theme parks.

Warehouses – Large facilities with hundreds of employees can benefit from multiple units strategically placed around the warehouse. Keeping workers hydrated keeps them focused and productive.

Medical Offices – Think doctors’ waiting rooms, hospital lobbies, etc. Anywhere there are people, there is a need for a bottleless water dispenser.

Let Incredible Water Solutions Keep Your Office On-Trend This Year

If your New Year’s resolution is to be healthier, more productive, and provide the best-tasting water for your employees, then our Orlando bottleless water dispensers are for you. We have several models to choose from including taller floor models, smaller countertop units, and even a unit that dispenses water and ice. Whatever your hydration needs are, we can help. Contact us today to set up your free trial.

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