How To Get An Orlando Water Cooler Rental in Your Office

Every office needs a water cooler, but how do you know which one is the best for your employees? Here’s why our bottleless Orlando water cooler rental is the way to go and how to get it in your breakroom.

The office water cooler is the spot where employees gather to catch up on weekend activities and get their hydration for the day ahead. If your staff isn’t properly hydrated, their productivity and motivation can suffer. You want the best water option that will keep everyone operating at their peak performance level. When you’re looking for your next Orlando water cooler rental, look no further than Incredible Water Solutions. Here’s what sets us apart from the rest.

Bottleless Is Best

When you think of a water cooler, you may envision the old-school version with the 5-gallon bottle glug, glugging water into paper cups. Our bottleless technology makes those heavy jugs obsolete. Our systems are able to take your office tap water to the next level with our filtration system that will give your employees the best, cleanest-tasting water you can find. With no heavy lifting.

Our bottleless Orlando water cooler rental features a multi-stage filtration process with a closed-tank drinking station. Clean, clear, refreshing drinking water will keep your employees hydrated and motivated.

Touch-Free Design

Going through a worldwide pandemic taught us that the less we touch, the better. At Incredible Water Solutions, our bottleless water cooler systems are touch-free. Our sensor-activated design allows users to fill their cups and bottles without having to touch them to anything. This cuts down on germ transmission, keeping your office healthier.

Ice And Water OptionsOrlando water cooler rental

What’s better than a clean, bottleless water dispenser for your office? An Orlando water cooler rental that also dispenses ice. Our ice and water dispenser produces up to 125 pounds of ice per day and can store up to seven pounds of ice. It also dispenses hot and cold water for all of your office’s ice and water needs. The best part? It sits neatly on the countertop, taking up no more room than the office microwave. But unlike the microwave, our system cleans itself.

If ice is not a necessity, try our other bottleless countertop unit.

More Benefits Of Bottleless

If you need more reasons to try a bottleless water cooler, our clean water experts at Incredible Water Solutions remind you that our coolers have the following advantages:

  • Eco-Friendly – Let us help you end your reliance on manufactured and transported plastic water bottles and jugs. Each water cooler taps into your regular tap water sources, providing you with a greener, cleaner office drinking water solution.
  • Sanitary – Once purified, water is stored in a tank that is sealed off to airborne bacteria to ensure that your water is never contaminated.
  • Cost-Effective – A monthly rental fee saves you over the cost of weekly deliveries.
  • Features 9-Stage Filtration – This process ensures your office drinking water is free of any germs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and sediments found in your regular tap water.
  • Helps Your Employees Avoid Injury – No more lifting heavy bottles and risking spills.

Ready To Try Our Orlando Water Cooler Rental?

We make it easy to try our system before making a commitment. At Incredible Water Solutions, we offer a free 7-day trial of one of our bottleless systems. We are confident that it won’t take a full week to realize that you and your employees need this type of water cooler in your office. 

We offer several bottleless water cooler options to meet the needs of any office. Contact us today to discover the best option for your breakroom, then schedule your free trial. We look forward to serving your business with the cleanest drinking water possible.

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