Ditch The Jugs And Try An Orlando Bottleless Water Cooler For Your Breakroom

The wellness of your employees is just as important as your bottom line. Using an Orlando bottleless water cooler is the simplest way to keep your team hydrated and healthy.

Cool, clean water is a basic perk of any office. Staying hydrated keeps your mind and body functioning at their best. When your employees are working at their peak, their performance will show it. But you don’t need those heavy water jugs anymore. Now you have a better option with many benefits that will positively impact your team’s health and your budget. Here’s why you should try an Orlando bottleless water cooler for your breakroom.

It Will Reduce Cost

When you have a water jug delivery service, you’re essentially paying for everything but the water. The water is relatively inexpensive; the cost you incur is from the delivery fees, packaging, dealer markup, and more.

If you’re looking for ways to save your business money, look into the cost savings you’ll get with an Orlando bottleless water cooler. Incredible Water Solutions offers many different models of water coolers to meet the needs of any office. From countertop units to floor models to units that provide water and ice, we’ve got your hydration needs covered. And all you pay is the rental fee which is a fraction of what you’re paying monthly for your jugs.

It Will Improve Health

Staying hydrated is an important part of overall wellness but the quality of the water you drink plays a big role too. Our Orlando bottleless water coolers feature nine-stage filtration systems. This multi-stage purification system includes a reverse osmosis filter that ensures your office drinking water is free from any germs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and sediments that can be found in unfiltered tap water.

Our systems also feature touchless sensors that guard against contamination from multiple containers touching the dispenser. If we’ve learned anything from the recent pandemic it’s that the fewer things we touch, the better. The Incredible Water Solutions bottleless water dispensers let you fill up without having to touch anything with your hand or your water bottle.

It Will Eliminate Waste

At Incredible Water Solutions, we are proud to safeguard the environment with our water dispensing systems that require no additional equipment. When you rent one of our units (or try one for free in your office), our technicians will connect it to your water supply. After that, our filtration system does the rest. You’ll never have to worry about what happens to all those plastic water jugs when they get swapped out every week.

When you give up weekly water deliveries, you’re also helping to cut back on the use of trucks and fossil fuels. 

It’s Simple And SafeOrlando bottleless water cooler

Customer service is at the core of everything we do at Incredible Water Solutions. That’s why we make it simple to implement one of our Orlando bottleless water coolers in your office breakroom. 

After an initial consultation, our water technicians will handle installation and maintenance. Once your system is installed, you will see us once a year for filter changes. And you’ll never have to worry about those monthly water deliveries again.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of switching to a bottleless water cooler system is not having to pick up those heavy jugs anymore. Your employees can risk serious injury hoisting those 5-gallon jugs onto your cooler. Those things can weigh over 40 pounds! Keep your employees safe by getting rid of the heavy jugs and letting them fill their cups with cool, clean, water, no lifting required.

Let Incredible Water Solutions Help

If you’re interested in how an Orlando bottleless water cooler can work for your office, contact us today. We can help match you with the water cooler solution that works best for your space and your business. We look forward to working with you.

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