Top 4 Questions To Ask When Choosing An Orlando Office Water Dispenser

Finding the right Orlando office water dispenser company to work with is simple if you know the answers to a few questions. Here, we outline why our bottleless system is superior and will meet your office’s needs.

As a business owner or office manager, you’re familiar with doing your due diligence before making a decision that affects the entire office. Adding a bottleless water cooler system to your office breakroom is the perfect solution to your water cooler needs. But how do you know you’re getting the right system? Here are a few questions to ask before partnering with an Orlando office water dispenser company.

Why Should We Choose Bottleless Over The Standard Water Cooler System?

The first question you should ask is what’s so special about a bottleless water cooler system? At Incredible Water Solutions, our Orlando office water dispenser team can tell you that there are many benefits to a bottleless system, including:

  • Purity – The top reason we recommend that your office “go bottleless” is the quality of the water. Our units feature a 9-stage filtration system to ensure that you’re getting the purest, cleanest water available. We believe that you truly can taste the difference.
  • Eco-Friendly – We are all looking for ways to shrink our carbon footprint and a bottleless water cooler system is an environmentally-conscious way to provide healthy hydration. Because our system plugs right into your main water line, there are no plastic bottles, and no carbon emissions from delivery trucks to worry about.
  • Hassle-Free – Once you have an Orlando office water dispenser, there is virtually no maintenance needed. Gone are the days of hoisting heavy water jugs onto the water cooler. Did you know that those water jugs weigh over 40 pounds? Going bottleless helps you avoid injury that can result from lifting those unwieldy jugs.

What Are My Options For A Bottleless Water Cooler System?

At Incredible Water Solutions, we offer a variety of models to meet your unique needs. If space is at a premium in your office breakroom, we offer smaller, countertop units. If you need medical-grade technology for a physician’s office, we have an option for that too. Here’s a brief breakdown of our bottleless units:

Floor Units

  • Our WS-7000 floor unit can accommodate a smaller office of approximately 35 people, and is equivalent to about five 5-gallon water jugs per month. 
  • If you have a staff of more than 35, the WS-9000 floor unit is a good option because its larger capacity means that it can accommodate more employees. 
  • The WS-11000UV unit is high-tech with a microprocessor-controlled water usage display, filter change indicator, and temperature indicator. It also has a programmable cold and hot water tank.
  • For offices with more than 50 people, the 7-gallon-capacity Flowater system is the perfect solution. Medical-grade technology makes this unit a must for medical offices that service immunocompromised patients.

Counter Units

  • With over three gallons of storage capacity, the 9000-CT unit is a space saver with all the bells and whistles of the larger units.
  • If your employees like their beverages ice-cold, the WS-15000 features all the space-saving features of the 9000-CT but with the added bonus of making ice as well. It’s capable of producing up to 125 pounds of ice per day.

What’s Involved In Setting Up The Water Dispenser?

Setup is simple. Our Orlando office water dispenser team will bring the unit to your office, plug it in, make sure it’s working properly, then leave you to enjoy the cleanest, best-tasting water your staff has ever had. That’s it. We will visit you about once a year to change your filters and check in, but maintenance on these units is very low.

Can We Try Before We Buy?

Absolutely! We believe that once you experience the benefits of our bottleless water cooler systems, you will be sold. But we don’t want you to take our word for it. Contact us today and we will help you select the best option for your office and schedule your free trial.

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