3 Reasons Orlando Bottleless Water Coolers Are The Healthiest For Your Medical Office

Your practice centers on healthcare and your water cooler should provide healthy hydration to your patients and your staff. Here’s why you should consider Orlando bottleless water coolers when you’re making your medical office hydration decision.

A waiting room water cooler is a perk for any medical office. But does the traditional five-gallon jug give your patients and employees the highest levels of hydration health? We saw a better way at Incredible Water Solutions which is why we offer several models of Orlando bottleless water coolers for the ultimate in healthy hydration for your staff and patients.

What Makes Bottleless Healthier?

We all know we should be drinking water throughout the day. The ideal amount varies by person and depends on factors such as how much we exercise, how humid or dry our environment is, and our overall health. Whatever your water intake goal is, the quality of water you’re drinking has a major impact on your health.

Cleaner Is Better

Orlando bottleless water coolers

At Incredible Water Solutions, our bottleless water coolers offer a 9-stage purification system with a reverse osmosis filter. This process ensures that your drinking water is free from germs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and sediments that can be found in regular tap water. 

The Safe Drinking Water Act allows for trace amounts of contaminants in tap water but the EPA reports that drinking water with contaminants may be harmful to some if ingested but not harmful to others. Those most susceptible to health issues from drinking non-filtered water are the very young, the very old, and those with a compromised immune system. This is why it’s so important to have the cleanest drinking water available in your medical office.

Health issues resulting from exposure to contaminants can include:

  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Reproductive problems
  • Neurological disorders

Our Orlando bottleless water coolers ensure that your patients and employees are getting the cleanest, best-tasting water available.

Hands-Free Dispensing

No matter how often we wash our hands and our water containers, germs persist, especially in a healthcare environment. Touching a water bottle to a water dispenser can cause cross-contamination. Our bottleless water bottles feature hands-free dispensing. Simply place your water container under the sensor and water will fill it touch-free! 

Not only does this system keep germs from transferring to the water dispenser, but it also keeps your staff from having to disinfect the dispenser between users. We offer a variety of models, all featuring hands-free, touchless water dispensing technology to meet the needs of your medical office.

Avoid Physical Injury

Let’s not overlook the risk of physical injury that comes with lugging those 42-pound water jugs around. Pulls and strains are not uncommon when having to hoist heavy water bottles up onto their dispensers. Additional injuries can result from spilled water and other hazards associated with these bulky bottles. Your medical office could even be held liable if a patient suffers a slip and fall injury.

When you have one of our Orlando bottleless water coolers installed in your medical office, there will be no more heavy lifting and no hazardous spills. Your patients and employees only need to bring their water cups and bottles to the touch-free water dispenser for a clean and refreshing drink.

Incredible Water Solutions Has The Solution For Your Medical Office’s Water Needs

We know that as a medical provider, the health of your patients and your staff is of the utmost importance. Having one of our Orlando bottleless water coolers installed in your waiting room or breakroom means that you can rest assured that your office has access to the healthiest water available. Contact us today to set up a free trial of one of our units. We look forward to serving you.

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