Why Bottleless?

Reduce Cost, Improve Health, Eliminate Waste

Pure, clean drinking water is a basic office amenity that needs to be fulfilled. Incredible Water Solutions LLC provides the safest and cleanest office drinking water options in the age of COVID-19.

Now’s the time to move away from those dirty, heavy, plastic water jugs and move towards a hydration option that reduces costs, improves health, and eliminates waste.

Why Choose Bottleless

If you don’t want to spread germs at your office, we can help. Our touch-free water dispenser will help you limit the spread of illnesses. We have systems of all sizes to best meet your needs, including the:


The bottleless water coolers from Incredible Water Solutions eliminates your company’s reliance on manufactured and transported plastic water bottles and jugs. Each water cooler taps into your regular tap water sources, providing you with a greener, cleaner office drinking water solution.


Do you ever wonder what’s lurking in your water cooler? Bottleless water coolers take the guesswork out of it. Once purified, water is stored in a tank that is sealed off to airborne bacteria to ensure that your water is never contaminated.


Our business model is centered around high-quality customer service. After an initial consultation, our water technicians take care of all the installation and maintenance. Once installed, you’ll see us once a year for filter changes and never have to worry about making time for those monthly water deliveries.


We know we need to drink more water, but there’s nothing exciting about regular tap water. Housed within each Incredible Water Solutions bottleless water cooler is a multi-stage purification system, which also includes a reverse osmosis filter. This process ensures your office drinking water is free of any germs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and sediments found in your regular tap water.


Eliminating the need for bottled water eliminates the strain on your staff to install those 42-pound water jugs. Installing a bottleless water cooler means you won’t have to worry about hazardous spills or related injury risks associated with your company’s reliance on plastic water bottles. PLUS! Pure, clean drinking water keeps your employees healthy and focused all day long!

Clean & Pure

With one of our systems, you never have to worry about algae, viruses, or bacteria growing in your water tank. Each bottleless water cooler is a closed system, which means your drinking water is never exposed to the outside air until it reaches your glass. Antimicrobial coating on the all buttons and hard surfaces further eliminates cross-contamination at the water cooler.