Providing healthy hydration for your employees is important to their productivity. But should you rent or buy? Our team offers some pros and cons of water cooler rental in Daytona Beach.

Studies show that staying hydrated helps our brains function better and improves our overall health. We all want what’s best for our employees and our business, and a water cooler is a crucial piece of that puzzle. When doing your homework on which system to go with, you may ask yourself if it’s better to buy a unit or go with a water cooler rental in Daytona Beach. There are, of course, advantages and disadvantages to each option, which we’ll go into below. 

Pros Of Buying

Cons Of Buying

Pros Of Renting

Cons Of Renting


The lists for Pros Of Renting and Cons Of Buying are equal – and are quite long. The bottom line is that a water cooler rental in Daytona Beach from Incredible Water Solutions is the best option for your employees and your bottom line. Renting gives you the time and freedom to focus on your business duties while our technicians handle your bottleless water cooler needs. 

Why Incredible Water Solutions?

Once you have decided to go with a water cooler rental in Daytona Beach, you should look into one of our bottleless units. Our bottleless technology features a nine-stage filtration system to give you the cleanest, best-tasting water. Bottleless water cooler systems also keep you from struggling with those heavy water jugs and having to manage water deliveries.

At Incredible Water Solutions, we offer several different models to meet the needs of your office. Not sure which unit will work best? We are here to help. Our team can work with you and your space to find the right bottleless unit for your location. Next, we offer a free trial so that you can see (and taste) for yourself the benefits of our bottleless water cooler rental in Daytona Beach. Contact us today to get started.