Your office needs a water dispenser but how do you decide between buying an old-school water cooler and renting a high-tech bottleless unit? Here, we’ll outline why a Maitland water dispenser rental is the best option.

Water dispensers are a must-have for office break rooms, but how do you know which one to get? And should you rent or buy? At Incredible Water Solutions, the answer is simple. Our Maitland water dispenser rental will save you money, time, and so much more. Here’s how.

Renting Saves Money

Purchasing a bottleless water dispenser is a significant upfront investment. This type of expense may not fit into your budget, but a smaller monthly cost can fit quite nicely into most offices’ budgets. Our rental costs start at just $35/month. 

Maitland water dispenser rental

Renting allows you to have access to a top-of-the-line unit at a reasonable price, whereas if you were to purchase a bottleless dispenser, you may have to sacrifice quality for price. When you own a water dispenser, you are then responsible for all of its maintenance, and a lower-quality unit typically needs more maintenance. It’s worth it in the short- and long-term to rent a high-quality unit.

Renting Saves Time

If your Maitland water dispenser rental ever needs maintenance, you can simply call us at Incredible Water Solutions, and we’ll send a tech right out. This saves time over searching for a repair professional for your purchased unit. We can get you back up and running quickly. And our units rarely, if ever, need maintenance. We will stop by regularly to check in and change your filters but you won’t see us very much – which is a good thing!

You’ll also save time dealing with delivery services and all those 5-gallon water jugs. Getting your delivery schedule is important because if you run out of water between deliveries, it could mean someone has to make an emergency trip to the corner market. Bottleless water coolers tap into your existing water line so that you’ll never have to lift another 40-pound water jug again.

Renting Saves Sick Days

Let’s talk about the health benefits of a Maitland water dispenser rental. We all know that staying hydrated keeps our brains functioning at a higher productivity rate and improves our overall health. The quality of the water you drink factors in as well. If you drink a gallon of water every day, but that water isn’t highly-filtered, you may be exposing yourself to bacteria that can make you sick.

Our bottleless water dispensers at Incredible Water Solutions all come with a nine-stage filtration system and a reverse osmosis filter to give you the cleanest (and best-tasting) water available. Cleaner water = healthier employees and fewer sick days. Fewer sick days saves your business time and money as well.

Still Undecided? Try One Free!

At Incredible Water Solutions, we know how great our bottleless water dispensers are, but we want you to experience the benefits first-hand. This is why we offer a free trial of one of our units so that you and your employees will get a taste of what we have to offer. We believe that after using one of our units for a few days, you’ll be ready to schedule your Maitland water dispenser rental. The only question is which unit should you try? We can help there too. 

Contact us and we can help you decide if your office is better suited for a floor unit, a counter unit, or maybe even a unit that dispenses water and ice. Whatever your needs, Incredible Water Solutions is there for you.