Clean and great-tasting water is beneficial for your office, but how do you know which is the right Clermont countertop bottleless water dispenser for you? We break it down.

You’ve decided to go bottleless. Wonderful! You must have heard how healthy bottleless water coolers are and how convenient it is to not have to deal with those huge jugs and water delivery schedules. Your next decision is which bottleless model will work best for your office. 

At Incredible Water Solutions, we offer many options to suit any office’s needs. If your space is limited, consider a Clermont countertop bottleless water dispenser for your breakroom. It will save space while still providing all the other benefits of a bottleless water cooler. Here’s the breakdown of our countertop models.

Hot And Cold Countertop Unit

This small but mighty unit is just over 20 inches tall so it will fit on any breakroom countertop. It features stainless steel reservoirs and touch-activated sensor activation. Like our other units, it boasts our state-of-the-art purification technology to filter out contaminants and sediment that can be found in regular tap water. You’ll find that your ultra-filtered water tastes amazing which is helpful when we’re all trying to increase our water intake. 

Clermont countertop bottleless water dispenser

Hydrated employees are healthier and more productive so when you’re looking for a Clermont countertop bottleless water dispenser, the 9000CT could fit the bill.

Water And Ice Countertop Unit

At just 18 inches high, this countertop unit can do it all. Not only is it compact enough to fit anywhere, but it can also dispense hot water, cold water, and ice. That’s right – it’s an ice maker! An ice maker with seven pounds of storage. That’s a lot of ice. And it can produce up to 125 pounds of ice each day – enough to keep your staff’s beverages chilled all day long. Did we mention that this unit makes that “good ice?” The chewable ice that is beloved by ice aficionados everywhere. Check out all the features of the 15000 Ice & Water CT unit.

Clermont countertop bottleless water dispenser

You have the option with this unit to add a base component that makes it a freestanding unit if those dimensions are what you’re looking for. At Incredible Water Solutions, we have bottleless water coolers to meet any office’s space and hydration needs.

Our Filtration Process

Common to all of our Clermont countertop bottleless water dispensers as well as our floor units is our filtration process. Here’s how it works.

How To Get Started With Your Own Clermont Countertop Bottleless Water Dispenser

When you’re ready to try one of our bottleless units, our team at Incredible Water Solutions makes it simple. If you know which unit you’d like or would like to discuss our bottleless options, you can contact us to get started. 
Still not sure? That’s okay! We offer a free trial of one of our bottleless water coolers so that you can see and taste for yourself the difference bottleless makes. We look forward to helping you and your staff stay hydrated and productive.